Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In The Beginnig< Nic Sarno Remake

Hey There

I'm really glad and exited to announce my official remake of the Chuck Roberts's house classic on legendary Chicago's TRAX RECORDS
The track will be out soon in all major stores

"In the beginning there was a simple little track that united the spectrum of house in Chicago. With the simple devotional words from a mysterious Chuck Roberts, the anthem of Chicago house was and is still revered as one of the most remixed songs out there. In 2009 at the Pop Conference, Michael Angelo (author of Sign 'O' the Times (Continuum, 2004)/writes regularly about music for Good, The Stranger, eMusic, Idolator, Baltimore City Paper, and Salon) introduced and discussed "In The Beginning" at the 'Dance Off The Beaten Track' panel where he said: "But in purely musical terms, Roberts's a cappella is one of those sound-items that seems to shape-shift to fit whatever you put it next to. I mean that quite literally: as I hope to demonstrate, Roberts's sermon sounds good over just about any house track, at whichever point you choose to cue it up. It's the ultimate DJ tool: you don't need any DJ skills whatsoever for it to work. I can't imagine there's a serious house DJ in the world who hasn't dropped this at a peak moment in a set at some point in his or her career."
Shortly before the release of Trax Records: The 25th Anniversary Collection I emailed Nic Sarno the album and he asked me for the "In The Beginning" accapella and two weeks later, "In The Beginning (Nic Sarno Remake)" was born!
The track bubbles up with the words of Chuck Roberts cutting up and out throughout the track with Nic's signature sparse and carbonated sounds ringing through like a science experiment. This single is also an introduction to a highly anticipated single titled, "The Flow" by Nic Sarno -- which is being released in collaboration with Trax Records+Top Billin' later on this year.
Along with Top Billin' "The Flow" brings together people like Joe Smooth, DJ Fade, Screamin' Rachael, and others as they cut up into the first original single for Trax Records since forever."

(from TRAX Press Release)



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